The mission of our organization is to create a sense of place and promote civic engagement by embedding historic cultural resources in our everyday lives. 

Learn how we're accomplishing this mission in 2016 with Youth Heritage Summit California!

This upcoming summer program is an opportunity for our state's high school students to learn about their heritage and discover future career paths in the fields of heritage conservation, architecture, urban planning, and other comparable professions. 

“The fight is never about grapes or lettuce. It is always about people.”

— cesar chavez


We want to raise a generation of forward-thinking, open-minded community advocates who treat their built environment like a non-renewable resource. In order to accomplish this goal we do two things:

  1. We work with cities, community groups, and property owners to help them create great examples of adaptive reuse using our neglect and abandoned historic places.
  2. We build an appreciation for these places in the minds of our youngest residents, who will come to steward them as adults. 
Kids in Long Beach help build a pipe cleaner structure at the We Are the Next booth at Beach Streets in Uptown Long Beach

We believe in recognizing the important histories of all people. Sometimes the places that represent these histories seem perfectly ordinary, but have tremendous cultural value. As a nonprofit organization, we provide our services at an affordable rate so that all cities and communities, regardless of budget or demographic, can afford to care for them and retain them for the next generation.
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We carry out projects that set a precedent in order to demonstrate across Southern California that historic places can be valuable, sustainable, and meaningful. We manage the conversion of abandoned or neglected buildings and sites into thriving civic venues, ensuring their survival through appreciation and economic investment.
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Students observe sifting on an archaeological dig at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site in Washington during a National Park Service Youth Heritage Summit.jpg