Building the future
from yesterday.


Our Mission

To turn yesterday's spaces into public places and inspire the next generation to steward them. 

Our Mindset

Evidence has shown that when residents see value in their surroundings, they are more likely to be active members of the community, and they less likely to litter, vandalize, and commit crime. To achieve these positive results, we work to help youth build a relationship between their own personal identities and the cities they call home.

In order to do this, we renovate publicly-accessible buildings to show real examples of civic stewardship, and then bring local youth to those buildings to help them brainstorm the possibilities which lie in their own surroundings. We believe that museums aren't the only way to tell the stories of our communities - At We Are the Next, we aim to build a connection between today's youth and important community places that emphasize the everyday, tell the stories of our diverse communities, and promote job and career opportunities for these youth in the fields that improve our cities. 

Our Method


Identify a place which holds value for the surround community and is in need of revitalization.


Renovate the space to emphasize its importance in the community, prioritizing resident feedback.


Facilitate youth programs in the space to ensure the next generation will value and utilize the resource. 


“The fight is never about grapes or lettuce. It is always about people.”

cesar e. chavez


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