Generation ______?

Baby Boomers, Millennials, call us what you like. Each generation seems to have been given a name marking in the record books the era they entered in to. These eras of entry shape our personal, financial, and political atmosphere as we grow. What will the the next generation be named, and do they have a choice?

Can they set precedent and choose their own reputation? Will they impact humanity in a positive, lasting way?  We've set out to help. Though we're not going to suddenly declare a name for these youngsters, we believe they've got the right to do so on their own. Why not, for once, allow a generation to self-title? With the self-sufficient mentality that comes alongside, it may well be an investment to 'allow' it.

An article recently published in the Washington Post online suggests names for the generation and asks what will the current generation of youth be remembered for. In contrast, I believe it's important to step back and allow time in order to build a context for these youths. Forcing them into a label we devise can only take power away. Power young activists need to feel inspired and take pride and ownership in their communities, devising action plans, starting clubs at their educational institutions, and reaching out to their neighbors. And what affirms this more than the author's own words declaring, "...does this mean we're going to be stuck with millennials...?" 

I'm pretty sure that one's sticking around. But so are the next, so let's learn - this time, give them a say.

Katie RispoliComment