First Wilmington Art Walk

By Shana Cruz and Monica Massey, Guest Bloggers for the Wilmington Art Walk

The first Wilmington Art Walk will take place November 6, 2015!  The event will take place on Avalon Boulevard between C and D streets, where the road will be closed and booths will line the street with artist and craft vendors.

The goal of the event is to bring together the community in Wilmington and the surrounding area, while showcasing the creativity and talent within it. 

We want to reintroduce historic Avalon Boulevard to the City of Los Angeles and the surrounding neighborhoods a place to spend the time. The street has so much value - it is rich in history and has more stories that have yet to be written.


We have been hard at work making this event a reality with help from We Are the Next and Joe Buscainos' office! As residents of Wilmington, our team knows that Wilmington is often overlooked because it is compared to its larger surrounding cities. We want to drive interest into our community and demonstrate that a sense of self-worth and pride is encouraged.

Since announcing the event we have received an overwhelming response of support and excitement! The submissions we've received have been nothing short of amazing. We are so proud of the talented artists that have submitted the work to participate this upcoming Friday. This is their time to shine and be recognized not just within their community but throughout the Los Angeles region.

We hope to have many visitors from different cities so that we can create a sense of fun and excitement associated with Avalon. At the end of the day we hope people will walk away not just entertained but with a greater sense of what the community in Wilmington is capable of.


For more information visit our website and make sure to ‘Like’ us on Facebook to stay updated!!

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