3:30 pm15:30

CITY101: How Culture Defines Your City

  • Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library

In this session, youth will learn about the cultural resources available to them throughout the city (museums, cultural centers, city facilities, etc.) Students will learn how these places can be powerful catalysts for public awareness and discussion of human rights and social issues. Students will meet an individual associated with one of these places, who will share their story and host a discussion with the students about what it means to live in Long Beach. Through this discussion, students will get an overview of Long Beach throughout the last 50 years and gain awareness of perceptions of the city internally and among other communities. This workshop will provide an opportunity for students to discuss assumptions and misunderstandings they have heard about their neighborhood, and explore pathways to living their adult lives in a manner that disproves those assumptions.

*Special Bonus!*
Participants will receive free passes to the Long Beach Museum of Art!