Q. where does we are the next get its funding?

A. Funding for our programs is made possible through a combination of grants and individual donations. Our work wouldn't be possible without support from the community. If you are interested in supporting We Are the Next, please visit our campaign website to make a tax-deductible contribution.


Q. how do i intern with we are the next?

A. We accept interns as we see an opportunity to provide a learning experience, and we can support one intern each semester. We currently have our internship position filled for the Spring 2017 semester, but if you would like to intern with We Are the Next at a later time, send a resume to our Executive Director by email at katie@wearethenext.org and include an explanation of how you think an internship with our organization will help aid your professional development. 


Q. what areas do you serve?

A. We Are the Next services the following cities/communities:

  • Long Beach
  • Wilmington 
  • Carson
  • Compton
  • Lakewood
  • Signal Hill
Map demonstrating We Are the Next's service area

Map demonstrating We Are the Next's service area


Q. Where can I request copies of your financial records & reporting documents?

A. Please submit the following form, and a copy of the documents requested will be emailed to you:

Records Requested: *
Which of the following documents would you like to have emailed to you?