Project overview

"For the Record" is a placemaking project currently underway in North Long Beach. In this project, we're documenting the story of demographic shifts in the Uptown community.

This project will result in the installation of a physical timeline along the public sidewalk, made up of concrete decals. The timeline will document major events throughout the last 200 years which have collectively affected the population in North Long Beach, and will be complemented through a free app which will provide oral histories, photography, and multilingual components to the project. 

As part of "For the Record," we've joined forces with graduate students in CSU Fullerton's Public History program to conduct community engagement activities, complete research for the project, and draft content for the installation. This project will result in the installation of an interactive timeline of North Long Beach, complete with multi-lingual access and digital components for an engaging civic experience.

This project is a prototype of our Story Engagement Area program - a program that encourages city staff to collaborate with community organizations and residents to recognize the many communities that have played a role in shaping the history of our cities. 

Installation Site

Atlantic Avenue between 60th Street and Artesia Boulevard

For the Record in the news

Long Beach Post

Project Partners

We are currently seeking sponsorships for this project. If you feel you can contribute to support this work, please contact us.