We provide social justice and youth development programs for students ages 12-24.

Our programs center around civic engagement, self-esteem and empathy building, and cultural heritage.

Our goal in this work is to empower today's young people to explore what it means to become an advocate for their community, and how they play a part in securing a better future for us all.

why it matters

Many households in the Long Beach region support themselves on an income of less than $50k/year, which is shown to correlate with a lower possibility of relocation (Pew Research Center, American Mobility). This means that many of the teens and young adults who live in our service area today will not leave the region after they enter adulthood. 

As lifelong residents of our cities, our future is in their hands. For this reason, we feel it is vital that the next generation feels connected to the communities present here. 

our solution

By working with young adults in after school programs, on weekends, and over the summer, we can inspire them to better their communities by exposing them to the many attributes that make them unique and valuable. It is these attributes that help today's youth see a reflection of themselves in those around them, and through our programs we empower them to seek increased quality of life for themselves, as well as for their community as a whole.


Impact Measure

Following a series of workshops with We Are the Next, students in West Long Beach reported a 40% increase in the belief that "the buildings and symbolic places in their community are important"

current partners

Our youth programs are currently provided to students with the below organizations. Don't see your group on this list? Contact We Are the Next to see if we can come work with your students!


These projects are made possible by donations and grant dollars. Become a donor today.