Our work

We offer educational programs and experiences designed to engage locals with their surroundings. Our work touches on the city as a municipality, the city's built and natural environment, and the cultures and communities in the city. We do this in three ways:


Community Engagement

We provide programs designed to foster and increase cross-cultural communication.


Youth Programs

Focusing on those who might vote, enter the workforce, or become renters in the next 5 years, we offer workshops to youth ages 13 and up.



We design, install, and activate projects that allow pedestrians to interact with their surroundings.


What we stand for

Our mission is to empower the next generation to engage with their city so their neighborhoods can thrive.

We're guided by a set of core values. We value relationships with those we serve, responsiveness to our surroundings, feedback from our community, the voices of our youth, pride in our local communities, and human kindness.

We're here because of our supporters. 

2018 Community Champion Sponsor:

 Retail Design Collaborative + Studio One Eleven Architects

Retail Design Collaborative + Studio One Eleven Architects