Moving a 107-year-old railroad depot.


Former: 1475 San Francisco
Current: 2710 California Avenue
Long Beach


February 2015


We Are the Next
JR van Dijs, Inc.

The historic Southern Pacific Railroad Depot building was originally located on Broadway in Downtown Long Beach, across from the old City Hall. It was temporarily used as city offices, and then relocated in 1938 to 1475 San Francisco Avenue where it was used as a checmical testing laboratory until the late 1990s.

The Process:


In 2014, the City of Long Beach contacted JR van Dijs, Inc. to assist them in relocating the building to the future Willow Springs Park. Shortly after the project began, JR van Dijs subcontracted We Are the Next to work with city staff to commission drawings, hire subcontractors, and obtain permits for the relocation.



The building was disassembled under supervision of We Are the Next staff in order for transportation to be feasible. After the big move on February 2, 2015 the building was reassembled on a newly-constructed foundation at Long Beach's Willow Springs Park.