Project overview

Step Back is an installation that allows pedestrians and city explorers to see how the places that surround us are constantly changing. This project demonstrates the dramatic changes that occur around us, from demolishing beloved buildings to saving them, and adding new ones in between.

Through Step Back, We Are the Next is installing devices outfitted with a historic image taken from the exact location where they are installed. Currently Step Back viewers are just in Downtown Long Beach, but we hope to expand this project into other communities.

Viewer locations

1st & Atlantic Avenue NW
Broadway & Magnolia NW
Broadway & Promenade NE

Walking tour

Explore the Step Back viewers as part of a self-guided walking loop! Click here to download the guide, and go on this tour of Downtown Long Beach to see how the buildings of Downtown have evolved over the last century. 

Step Back in the news

DLBA - Long Beach Post - The Grunion Gazette - Modern Cities

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