Our mission is to empower the next generation to engage with their city so their neighborhoods can thrive.



We must maintain personal relationships with residents in our served communities


We must be responsive to political situations, inequities, and systemic challenges that impact the livelihood of those we serve


Our services should be regularly evaluated by those we serve to ensure our work is relevant and meeting the needs of our community

Youth Voices

Young residents of our cities should feel their voices are heard. We should seek their opinion as often as possible when exploring how our city and its organizations can engage and serve local residents. In particular, we should empower immigrant and first-generation youth who reside in our service area to play a role in making their city a better place to live

Local Pride

Everyone deserves to be proud of where they come from. Our programs should bolster local pride by building an appreciation for our neighborhoods and the diverse range of individuals who are residents of them

Human Kindness

Our programs should build empathy in the minds of participants so they can gain reverence for their peers and other members of their communities