What is a Youth Heritage Summit?

Our Youth Heritage Summits (YHS) are a fun and immersive way to get to know your local community, meet new friends, and enhance your experience serving your community. Through YHS, students visit a specific place over the course of a few days, and complete exciting, hands-on projects to learn a specific skill. 

What do participants do during YHS?

Teens who participate in this fun program choose from three tracks that shape their experience over the course of the summit. In these tracks, participants complete hands-on projects under the guidance of experienced professionals.   


Social Media

Phone in Circle

Collect media and complete a takeover of the Homestead Museum’s
social media accounts!

Historic Site Interpretation


Develop a visitor experience for those who visit the Homestead Museum this fall!

Graphic Design


Learn from the site, and then develop a design and use the art of screenprinting to depict it!